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What does independencepvalue do?

independencepvalue is an R package that tests the independence between two groups of Gaussian variables, where the groups were obtained by thresholding the correlation matrix. For a brief overview explaining why independencepvalue is needed and how it works, see here. For the full explanation, you can read our paper Inferring independent sets of Gaussian variables after thresholding correlations.

How do I get independencepvalue?

To install independencepvalue, run the following:

                        subdir = "independencepvalue")

(And if necessary, first install the remotes package by using install.packages("remotes").)

How do I use independencepvalue?

To get started with independencepvalue, we recommend trying this tutorial.

Other information

This R package is created using literate programming with the litr R package. To know more about independencepvalue generation, please visit the package repository.